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      In order to implement enterprises main body responsibility, to ensure food quality and safety, the companys commitment to the society as follows:
      A, strictly abide by national laws and regulations, not beyond the scope of production and processing products, responsible for products quality and safety.
      Second, in strict accordance with the laws, regulations and relevant state regulations, organize production, to ensure that the environmental conditions continue to meet the product quality and safety and the corresponding health condition; Establish and implement staff health
      Health management system.
      Third, strict raw materials, food additives, incoming inspection system, and established the corresponding accounting, truthfully record law matters, the inspection record account to save not less than two years.
      Four, strict production process control, and the enterprise sign ZeRenZhuang key positions and responsible, good feeding and corresponding process control records, related records are no less than two years.
      Five, the strict production management system, set up and improve the raw material stock, using the account.
      Six, strict product inspection system, the product without inspection or unqualified products are not the factory sales.
      Seven, strict enforcement of product identification management system to ensure that the production of the product identification in conformity with the relevant provisions of the state
      Eighth, not adulterate product, pretend to be true, shoddy, with unqualified product qualified products; Do not forge or falsely use another producer name address, not to fake or use quality marks.
      Nine, consciously abide by the relevant state laws and regulations and advocate self-discipline, earnestly fulfill the obligation of the person in charge of enterprise product quality and safety first implement enterprises main body responsibility.
      Supervision  telephone: 0634 -8808564
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